A modern integrated dairy business situated outside
Chimoio, Mozambique.

Our products, main ingredient milk, is predominantly sourced from our own Jersey cows;
who graze on the foothills of Mount Zembe.

Company Overview 

State of the art Danish dairy technology meets third generation dairy farmers; this dairy produces a wide range of nutrient packed yoghurts and cheeses for the Mozambican table.

Dairy Products

DANMOZ produces a range of cheeses including our award winning Gouda as well as Feta and Mozzarella. We also produce plain and flavoured yoghurt.

Danish Dairy Technology

DANMOZ operates a state of the art dairy using efficient, energy saving and modern production technology. Our quality is world class and a first for Mozambique.

Partners & CSR Plan

Partners & CSR Plan

DANMOZ works closely with industry stakeholders and NGO’s to provide sustainable growth to the local dairy industry.

Growing a Nation

Milk is supplied from our own Jersey Herd of 511 animals.

This on-site production ensures consumers get the freshest possible dairy products. At time from cow to cup within 24 hours.

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