Our Story

Danmoz (Originally Gouda Gold) was established in 2001 by ex-Zimbabwe farmer Brendon Evans. He imported some of the first dairy cattle (30) to Mozambique after a 16 year civil war which left millions displaced and malnourished.

In 2012 Danmoz was established when Brendon partnered with a Danish consortium led by Alex Holm Jensen to increase the scalability of the business.  This also saw the roll-out of a milk collection program in conjunction with Land O Lakes aimed at empowering local small scale farmers.

In 2015, Ross Kietzmann (37), a 3rd Generation Dairy farmer from South Africa joined Alex to form a fully integrated and sustainable dairy business. The objective was to increase the capacity of the farm to provide milk for Mozambique’s ever increasing dairy demand. To date 350 Jersey cattle have been imported from South Africa creating the country’s largest dairy farm. This has changed the mechanics of the industry  as now smaller farmers can purchase locally reared heifers cheaper than having to import them at often unattainable prices from neighbouring countries. This has become a catalyst for new dairy farmers.

In 2016 Danmoz opened depots in Tete and Beira focusing its sales along the populated Beira Corridor. Danmoz’s main product, Natural Full Cream Yogurt, was sold primarily through  its unique TVP (Trolley Vendor Program). These vendors were trained in basic marketing, inventory control, logistics and were given the opportunity to become entrepreneurs by purchasing their own product trolleys and creating their own sales and distribution network. Yogurt sizes vary from 500ml to 125ml sachets which are primarily targeted at school children to improve their concentration in the classroom.

To further increase market penetration a display fridge program was initiated increasing the customer base by some 200 stores.

2018 saw significant strides with the establishment of a depot in the capital Maputo with both the TVP program as well as shop fridges. Further milestones in 2018 included the listing of Danmoz products in a chain of major stores as well as becoming the supplier of choice for Mozambique’s largest company feeding 12 000 people daily.

Prior to cyclone Idai which had a catastrophic effect on the industry, some 300 small scale farmers were selling their milk to Danmoz and supporting their extended families. Danmoz along with other stakeholders is in the process of rebuilding this production network and has already seen a sales increase of 30% since 2019 Q1.

All our products are fresh, nutritious and provide a sustainable food for the future.