Our Story

Danmoz is Mozambique’s first and largest integrated dairy farm and processor and sells its products across the country

Founded in 2012, Danmoz is Mozambique’s first commercial dairy farm and processing plant. Danmoz’s majority owner is SA-based Clifton Meadows, a dairy farm with +1,000 milking cows

Danmoz has invested USD +6m in building a professional dairy farm (+400 cows and heifers) and a modern dairy processing facility (capacity of +15,000L/day)

Danmoz is headquartered in Chimoio, Mozambique’s 4th largest city of appr. 400,000 people, near Beira, Mozambique’s 3rd largest city

Danmoz processes locally produced raw milk and sells yoghurts, cheeses and fresh milk in Beira, Chimoio, Tete (Mozambique’s mining area) and Maputo (Mozambique’s capital)

Danmoz has depots in Chimoio, Beira, Maputo and Tete with sales teams, offices, storage, cold room facilities and delivery vehicles

Local sales team is responsible for growing sales, developing existing client relationships, forecasting demand and maintaining Danmoz sales equipment (fridges, trolleys)

Danmoz has a wide range of branded raw milk-based nutritious dairy products targeting both BOP consumers and the growing middle class

Danmoz has a wide product range including drinking yoghurt, set yoghurt, cheeses, fresh milk and butter

Drinking yoghurts in sachets make up 75% of Danmoz sales. Their sachet packaging ensures that they are affordable for BOP consumers

Because Danmoz’s products are made from raw milk, the products are of superior nutritional content and quality compared to imported products. Such imports rely on synthetic food additives to become price competitive

Multi-pronged disruptor distribution model including supermarkets, own shops and trolley street vendors ensure convenience and accessibility and a wide reach among different customer groups

Danmoz has invested 10 years and USD +3.5m in building a processing plant and a national brand and operations

Located in the Beira corridor, Danmoz is ideally located to service central and northern Mozambique and has +900 clients across 4 urban centers

Maputo is located at the very south of Mozambique and importers distributing from there to the rest of country face a great challenge with 1,100 km (17 hours) of road transport to the nearest large city, Beira

Located in Chimoio, central Mozambique, Danmoz is only 200 km from Beira, 400 km from Tete and 550 km from Quelimane

In addition to the Mozambican market, Danmoz could cultivate exports to Harare (only 350 km from Chimoio)

Danmoz has a unique opportunity to supply UHT products

Danmoz currently supplies dairy products through IFS, a large corporate caterer, to Tete mines and is in discussions to significantly increase sales through a new UHT product

IFS services 9 canteens with a total of +10,000 employees, which will increase to 50,000 once gas projects in Northern Mozambique are live

Further opportunity to distribute UHT products nationally